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A story of entertainment

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our history

Funtime Classic Arcades was founded in 1985 just outside Philadelphia. The arcade started as an add-on to a local ice cream shop. It was a huge hit.  Youngsters loved the entertainment along side enjoyed their frozen treats! Funtime's young, energetic founder, Charles,  quickly grew the company.


By the early 1990s, Funtime had multiple arcade locations spanning Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland. By the early 2000s, after observing his children's (pictured left in the original arcade) obsession with their at-home Nintendo video game system, Charles saw the tides turning in the video game industry. He then decided to shift the company's focus to in-home and custom arcade games. With today's technology, Funtime is able offer much more versatile, convenient, and reliable arcade games for all.

Funtime's entertaining products, excellent customer service, and expert craftsmanship allowed them to withstand the test of time and move the arcade game industry forward.

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